Cost Analysis

Base Data
Annual Revenue
Claims per year

Personnel Costs # of People Annual Salary Sub Total % Allocated Total
Customer Service
Total Personnel

Expenses Amount Expenses Amount
Mailing Expense - Claims Mailing Expense - Statements
Mailing Expense - Coinsurance Telephone - Transmissions
Telephone - Inquiry and Reviews Computer Maintenance
Fax Customized Computer Programming
Forms and Envelopes Computer / Fax / Copier Paper
Copier Lease and Expenses Stationery Supplies
HCFA 1500 and other Claim Forms Billing Manuals, Guidebooks
Rent - Portion of Space used for Billing and Collection Activity Other
Training Total Expenses

Total Billing and Collections Cost

Cost of Billing and Collections as a Percent of Revenue
Total Cost X 100  
Annual Revenue  

Cost of Billing and Collections per Claim
Total Cost   
Claims per Year  

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